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This is the page where u will experience the most terrifying.... and piggilicious.... things ever to walk this earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
just kidding
oh.... ummmm..... but this PIG this IS true!

Zim is an alien from the planet Irken, where status is determined by how tall one is. Since Zim is one of the shortest people on Irken (and incompetent to boot), the Almighty Highest send him on a fake mission by the deranged robot GIR, Zim disguises himself as an ordinary schoolboy in order to gather information about Earth. Only Dib, a pre-teen Mulder wannabee, realizes that Zim is an alien.

See what INVADER ZIM character u are most like!


Ok.... for all of you guys who don't watch INVADER ZIM,
(the things up above are things that other people  wrote about it) 
 here's what I have to say......
Invader Zim  is about a very very misunderstood,
very skeptic alien from Irk.  He is assigned to invade
rulers, the Almighty Tallest.  They assigned him
to earth hoping that he might get lost and die
 or never come back. 
When he gets there a boy named Dib figures out
that Zim is an alien and sets up a mission to reveal
Zim to the world.  But.... Zim..... being as smart as
 he is.... ::wink wink:: stops him everytime.  
Tehehehhehehee....... but Zim keeps up his
original plan to take over Earth.     It's funny.



Invader ZIM is an eccentric alien soldier from the planet

Irk. He was banished from the Irken Empire after nearly

destroying his home planet on an early mission. After

begging his superiors, the Almighty Tallest Red and Purple,

 for another chance, they decide to get rid of him once and

 for all. They trick him into going on a "secret mission"

to an obscure planet at the edge of the universe, a planet

with the unlikely name of Earth. Their trick works, and now

 ZIM is intent on bringing down the human race. He

disguises himself as a schoolboy, and now the only person

who can stop him is one kid - Dib Membrane, a somewhat

insane paranormal researcher, who sees straight through

ZIM's disguise and is intent on stopping his reign of

terror. But neither ZIM nor Dib is very good at their job,

 and what results is everything imaginable, from a giant

hamster destroying the city to both ZIM and Dib being

turned into bologna meat.


I had no Idea

::waddle waddle waddle::